What Is Your Skin Type?


Chose the right color for your skin type.


Type 1

Rarely tans, if so it takes a lot of work and is a light beige or just pink.  Always burns easily, burns in less then 15 min, face is sun sensitive and burns very easily, Normally has freckles. When you burn you have pain, blistering, peeling, redness. You will not see a suntan immediately after UV exposure. (within 24 hours)

We recommend: Level 1, Tan


Type 2 

Can tan lightly, takes work. Usually burns easily in 15 – 25 minutes, face burns easily. When you burn you have pain and peeling, and redness. You will not normally see a UV tan immediately after UV exposure (within 24 hours) 

We recommend: Level 1 or 2 Tan


Type 3

Tans easily but still can burn but not super easy. Your tan turns to a light to medium brown. Most common skin type in the US. You may have some freckles. Usually you will see a tan right after tanning (within 24 hours). Tan color is usually beige or light brown. Face can burn in the sun. Body takes 25-40 min in the sun before burning. (if you have no tan) If you burn you get pinkness, some redness, and some peeling. We recommend:    Level 1 or 2 Tan

Type 4

Tans easily, burns rarely. No freckles. A few hours in the sun and you are very tan, not generally burned.   It is much easier for you to tan, and tan darkly quickly compared to a type 3. Always sees a tan after tanning (within 24 hours). Tan color is usually brown to olive. Face rarely burns in the sun. Body Takes more then 40 minutes in the sun before burning. If you burn you never peel, rarely get red.         We recommend: Level 2 or 3 Tan


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